Anzelika Smagina

My decision to enrol on the RISEBA University PhD programme in Business Management was driven by my ambition to advance my knowledge of economics, entrepreneurship and other business related subjects as well as to progress my personal and professional development. Although the path towards my PhD degree was long and challenging, I have achieved all the objectives I set myself and realised my ambitions to the fullest extent. I am sincerely grateful to all the people who supported me along every step towards my final PhD defence.

Studying in this PhD programme allowed me to meet people from various cultural and professional backgrounds and establish many new connections while expanding my professional network. However, one of the greatest benefits of studying on this programme was my personal development. It allowed me to improve my resilience, appreciate the importance of strong personal discipline and self-awareness while developing the emotional and mental strength required. Fortunately, RISEBA has an excellent pool of supportive Professors and an open door policy which helps students to follow their research interests and build their creative potential.

The most challenging moment in my PhD path was to define a specific research aim and conduct research which is topical with a range of scientific, methodological and practical dimensions. With the great help and support of my scientific supervisors, Dr. Iveta Ludviga and Dr. Patrick Sassmannshausen, I succeeded in identifying specific knowledge gaps while carrying out research in an area which has a particular interest for me. I have also met many amazing and inspiring people from various walks of life while conducting interviews for my PhD.

I would like to say that the RISEBA University is a very welcoming place and it has the perfect environment to motivate study and succeed in gaining the highest quality education while making new friends and having an unforgettable learning experience.

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